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I Am A Piece of Soul

Published by One Muslim under , , , , , on Monday, June 01, 2009

Everyday, many times, almost in frequent, repeatedly, redundantly, I feel so tired. My body feel so weak, after a while of a long working hours, or in the middle of long attempt to achieve something (eg: student life and retarded study timetable), it is unavoidable to keep thinking of taking some break (release tension), have a coffee, doing something else which is completely different and less stress eg: watching television, listening to nice music on iPod, go playing to the beach or sleep for a whole day long. Most of the time I choose the last and very effective option, have a nap, wake up and drink a cup or two caffeine drink, and after that? Take a bath. Next? Listening to the radio, most of the time trying to follow the DJ’s every spoken word. Then? Sit and try to continue my previous work, be on my own line and pursue the dream again. Two hours later, thinking of playing and surfing the internet, so I do it.

So what has actually happens here? Have a big dream? Check! Know what to do to achieve that dream? Check! Have a time schedule, white paper and rules written to grab that dream? Check! However (this however best spelt with capital letter, to highlight the change of mood of this article but I don’t want to shout), most of the time, that lazy, feel sorry to the body make myself slow down a bit. And then where is the big dream I am pursuing before? Leave it or just lower standard a bit to suit my strength and my physical body limit. This is something unacceptable, if everybody follows the similar path like this, if everybody chooses the easy and safe path of life, no other unexpected great things and big discovery could be achieved in the near future. Following others and smile all day long is not what I am always dream off. I dream to do something huge; something ridiculous and something that always push me beyond my own limit.

Then what to do? How can I achieve my dream and at the same time feel like doing it right? Have a huge dream, huge effort could lead to a day to day miserable life. Working so hard could reduce my health level, could makes me feel much lazier than I supposed to, that if something goes wrong in the middle of the journey, the probability to quit is bigger (I already saw few of my team mates just quit their dream because of that so big never-ending tired and stress). Actually, in this modern world, big dreams always fail people, maybe we can have 100 people that have that big dream, but how many who actually chase their dream though? One? One and a half? So many remedy, so many counselors out there readily waiting for you, but there is ego, the other thing here, great people don’t like to appear weak. So what to do? I have a solution here. Ask the Almighty God; ask you your purpose of life…

1. God want me (us) to know/praise him forever.
This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Religion. (Maidah 5:3)
2. God want us to pursue the dream (for the world, in the world) like we will never die. There is no penalty match, no last seconds, no time to slow down,no shortage of time at all. You have your plenty of time to complete your dream here in the world. So keep on working. But remember, God did not tell you your time of death, so if you really want to pursue your dream, don't waste your time, do it now before you die.

3. God want us to lead a proper life. No cheating in everything. No bullying, no everything out of God’s rule. (Many Muslims fail to follow this part of life essential).
We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in vain (so that people should think themselves at liberty to act each according to his own desires and inclinations). (Sad 38:27)
4. God want us to know our own self. Here is the rationale for this ‘A Piece of Soul’ came out. A human is a piece of soul. An abstract, I don’t know how to explain but If we dig into the very deep, we will know that we have a separate soul from the physical body. We are the soul using physical body to run this life. We love our body, many things and pleasure we can feel with this small little body. But if you can deepen your understanding very well, you will know that your body is just a tool, to put everything into an action. A body is just a tool like a doll with a battery installed inside. The strong battery will make a doll stronger, and that’s similar entity here to our own self. If we have strong soul, we can achieve strong result. If we, the soul, willing to archive more, we can use/force our own body to drive the desired result. Stress? Tired? It is just a normal thing for a tool/physical body to feel that way, but we are the soul, not a physical body, so we can actually surpass that tired and any other excuses related to physical body to achieve the true dream. So why in the world we are acting like we love our body dozen times more than our own soul? If you want to know who are you, and what you really are, here is my word; ‘Soul is me and my body is just a tool,’ as simple as that. A small scratch should never stop you, a broken leg should never stop you, and a paralyzed body should never stop you, because you yourself are not just that weak limited physical body, you are that soul, a big strong scratch-less soul. Still feel tired? That feeling is just nothing at all. A piece of soul never feels tired. So keep on working. I am ending this paragraph but if you still blur/cannot understand my words - about this soul thing of you, just remember; you already live and made a promise to praise Him/be His servant before you was born, you die only after you have no soul, your body deteriorates but not your soul, and your Islam is preserve in your soul, not your body. So, you are? = that unseen soul.

5. Right the very end, God wants us to protect and grab every possible/near impossible/out of mind dream in the world. Sounds impossible? He is always with you (of course can’t be seen with you primitive tool-eyes), have an eye on you, evaluating your workload and struggle, waiting to reward your dream when the exact time comes (When He feels like you deserve it). This is why the common ‘Work only for God’ appears to be true.


amrhima said... @ June 1, 2009 at 6:27 AM

Why should god go on controlling us? why does it matter what he (She??) wants?

One Muslim said... @ June 1, 2009 at 11:17 AM

@ amrhima

It is weird because we are willing to follow strict classes and many lectures, boring readings, and so on trainings and to try our very best to be featured on Times, Forbes, gain Pulitzer awards etc. but we have no will (because sometimes it is not as fun as we want) to follow the ultimate guidance to archive an ultimate reward, live happily ever after, after-life in God's Heaven.

Unless we don't want that Heaven, we can act differently. It is not just your lifetime problem, mine as well.

Sacrifice4Allah said... @ June 7, 2009 at 7:58 AM

Islam is a flexible religion. We discharge our religious duties but at the same time it allows room for halal recreational activity. Try sitting outside in the shade, read the Qur'an and ponder on its meaning. Taking a long walk and the other things you mentioned sound good(except the music).

Great post MashaAllah!

One Muslim said... @ June 10, 2009 at 4:41 PM

Back to when I was a kid, I though Islam is just about praying, fasting and following God's orders. However it different now, as a grown up guy, while keeping up with the routine I learned that Islam is all about 24/7 non-stop way of life religion.

Just after prayer, Islam encourage me to be alert on everything, from advising peoples, helping unfortunate people, speak with kind and respect, be harmless to pets and surrounding earth etc.

This is a way of a different perspective I am now aware about Islam. More than just avoiding forbidden acts and gain rewards for doing good.

zingtrial said... @ June 15, 2009 at 3:43 PM

Salaam. you have anice blog.
The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self.
The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr.
f the unbeliever knew of the extent of the Lord's mercy, even he would not despair of Paradis.

God's kindness towards his creaturee is more than a mother's towards her babe.

If you put your whole trust in God, as you ought, He most certainly will give you sustenance, as He doth the birds; they come out hungry in the morning, but return full to their nests.

Trust in God, but tie it (your camel).

God is not merciful to him who is not kind to mankind.

"Do none enter the Garden of Bliss save by God's mercy?" Muhammad said, "No. None enter save through God's favor." "You also, O Messenger of God! Will you not enter Paradise save by God's compassion?" Muhammad put his hand on his head and said thrice, "I shall not enter unless God cover me with His mercy.

One Muslim said... @ June 16, 2009 at 7:57 AM

@zingtrial I am thinking about those line above, "Trust in God, but tie it (your camel)." After a while, no, 2-3 days I am now quiet understand what that simple words means, you summarized my article. Great words.

Yes, we must trust and seek for mercy from God by any ways allowed, but as a human we need to keep working as well. Pray, humble, behave, that are not your reasons to forget the world (eg: be poor, not productive, fail).

Instead, if you put and understand the words of God, you should be working without rest, becoming very successful and everytime confident walking the path of life.

Nothing Profound said... @ August 13, 2009 at 9:38 AM

It seems that any philosophy or faith should be something one lives, not just believes. I think that's what you're saying. Practicing one's religion, not just talking about it.

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