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Published by One Muslim under , , on Friday, July 10, 2009

Having a muslim way of life seems deteriorates over time. A Muslim you probably know/ see is sometimes running just a life without a sign that he/she is a Muslim practicing his/her religion any longer. From their fashion, their words and the way they presenting theirself, they are simply just a human running their life like every other person around, so ordinary, so common and no uniqueness that outshine them from the whole crowd. Here is the part of interesting article anyway. When it comes to why should I embrace Islam, look at Muslim around, they are just like us. Oh ho ho yes they are (now). This is maybe hurt a Muslim much but, an inherited, a Muslim borned person always (certain, but this is large in number) see their religion like no value. They do their prayers just like on/off the button, they do care about their Muslim brothers but that is also just like on/off the button. I am here not going to yell about my frustration but I have found some interesting ways to keep myself ack on the line (theoretically and practically possible).

How about being a Muslim in a simple ways possible?. Everybody knows it hard to really schedule their time like praying on time etc. but these few things should help you do it in a simple way(s) possible.

First, I found out it hard for me to pray the first after the azan (summon/call to prayers). Don't know why but when in the middle of doing something, it is just hard for me to stop and pray. However I always manage to stop for a coffee berak, nap and anything else.Weird right? Maybe it is time for me to see prayers in much simple definition. Prayers is a 'rest'. Yes, now doing prayers is no burden at all, pray is a rest and most of us like to have rest. smile.

Second, donating some money. Yes, in Islam we already have Zakāh (pay 2.5% of my income once in a lunar year) plus another toll, tax, custom fees fix by the government but there is another more. Donation donation donation. Sounds like a Muslims is likely to lose his money for others right? No. Now I am implimenting one things, carrying coins to anywhere. When I am going outside my home, I am carrying those small coins (a dollar or less), 2-4 simple coins ready to be given away. If you do this, you may then realised that, it is hard for you to give away that coins because, nobody ask that coins from you anyway. Make it random, don't choose any person, just give away. To make it easier, donate your money for the mosque during friday prayers is the best solution. So do it. No need for huge bucks, 10 cents, 20, 50 or a buck from everybody could make a huge different.

Next, doing good to verybody. I am good (maybe) but my goodness doesn't benefit everybody around. I live my own life without any part of helpig others. No here is the solution, when you are at work, going for a coffee break? as your nearest colleague if he/she want to have a cup of coffee. You can do it man. Make an other cup of coffee for peers never give away your energy, never reduce your rank/job status. In addition, your colleague may probaly like you, you have a reason to be friendly and you will probably have a happy day at your job place.

To inspire you more, see the below video entitled 'Ali the Awfully friendly Muslim'. Nice video but that is your reason why you should sometimes choose your time and place to do your good deed.

Anything else? I think the above three things is the simplest thing everybody could without any obstacles do to be a better, friendlier, much helpful and a bit more religious. Now I know one thing, be a Muslim is much simpler than I myself could imagine. Sometimes, to not doing so is much harder so I choose to do this small little things, for others and for myself to be exact. Farewall and have a nice day. Thank you for your time reading this article and I am now doing one more simple thing ending this post, smiling. :-)

PS: You don't have to do a military Jihad/running 'I am A Muslim' strike to show that you are a Muslim, these small everyday good deeds are more than enough to show off that you are a Muslim (good nice Muslim).


One Muslim said... @ July 18, 2009 at 11:26 AM

I am sorry if I leave everything about grammar unchecked. Maybe this blog will be better written by an 'English Expert'. However, please read and accept the ideas behind. Language can be learned, but the ideas what makes this blog alive.

mignonesia said... @ July 24, 2009 at 4:40 AM

I like your blog's content.I enjoy reading your articles also.Gud work!!:)

autie said... @ August 14, 2009 at 4:54 PM

Although I am a Christian, I really enjoyed your post, it honestly gave me a glimpse into what is important in being a Muslim. I wish more people were as kind as your strive to be, regardless of religion, the world would be so much better. :)

And your English is fine.

sdura said... @ October 21, 2009 at 5:07 PM

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voiceofbragg said... @ November 18, 2009 at 1:15 PM

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alfajri said... @ September 3, 2011 at 7:03 AM


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